Monday, March 25, 2013

Ford--the getaway car for kidnappers & rapists?

Seriously, WHAT were the honchos at Ford Motors--and their advertising agency--thinking?

On Facebook, under The Hollywood Reporter's ( Facebook post about the debacle, people had mixed opinions, mostly insensitive:

Anasazi Casner I think it's funny. Has everyone lost their sense of humor?? Lol

In a country justifiably seething with post-gang-rape fury, (, Ford India rather foolishly advertised has-been reality TV star Paris Hilton driving with the bound-and-gagged Kardashian sisters (current reality-TV celebs)

Kim Kourtney and Khloe may be pretty annoying all over the media, but they don't deserve to be treated with violence. They're human. They're women. Flesh and blood. And Kim, heavily pregnant in real life, is portrayed in a skimpy bikini. 

Even Paris would have to agree that it's pretty tasteless.

There's even a sleazy one of Silvio Berlusconi with a trip of bound and gagged women (escorts? a cop?) in the trunk (so he's resorted to kidnapping now)?

What's next--trapping bunnies and mink in the trunk of a car driven by the Olsen twins ( for their fur coats? At least PETA would be all over that one.

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